May. 11, 2022

HARRISBURG –Rep. Gary Day (R-Berks/Lehigh) is calling for the resignation of the Wolf Administration’s Acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman for utilizing the authority of her position to discourage the enforcement of Pennsylvania election law, which can be perceived as encouraging election fraud. He issued the following statement:

“Election fraud happens, and as long as the Wolf Administration and Democrats in general continue to deny its existence, the public won’t have full faith and confidence in election outcomes. Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin released a report detailing hundreds of illegal votes cast in last year’s general election due to a lack of election security protocols at drop boxes. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported dozens of mail-in ballots were sent to a Republican ward leader’s South Philly post office box, these actions should be investigated as well.

“Ballot harvesting is a type of election fraud, and it is illegal, and may be being perpetrated under the Wolf Administration’s watch. Lehigh County’s district attorney appears to be the only official fighting illegal election fraud in Pennsylvania and his actions should be replicated in the 21 other jurisdictions with ballot drop-off boxes. 

“The right to vote is our strongest constitutional right – without it, the other rights may not exist. Voting integrity is essential to our election system. I drafted seven election integrity bills which were incorporated into the Pennsylvania Voting Right Protection Act, eventually vetoed by Gov. Wolf.

“Clearly, the Acting Secretary cannot be trusted to lead the Department of State because she is using the authority of her position to discourage the enforcement of duly constituted Pennsylvania election law.

It is paramount that we have a Secretary of State that works for all Pennsylvanian’s so that all Pennsylvanians have confidence in our elections. 

It is time for Acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman to resign or be replaced by the Governor.  An investigation should be initiated to investigate her abuse of power to inhibit law enforcement of enforcing Pennsylvania Election Law. 

Representative Gary Day
187th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jordan Garrett
717.260.6328 /